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Royal Tears is not just a brand - it's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It’s a battle cry for those who have emerged stronger from the depths of their own adversities and now seek to forge a sanctuary for the gentle, the misunderstood, and the undervalued. Our ethos is rooted in the militant defiance and rebellious spirit of punk, a clarion call to stand firm in the face of discord, to champion the unique tapestry of our shared humanity, and to find unity in the diversity that colors our world.

In every stitch of our clothing, there's a story—a narrative of struggle, strength, and the profound courage it takes to be soft in a world often too hard on its inhabitants. We're more than fabrics woven together; we're a community knit by the shared experiences of facing down our demons, recognizing that our scars are but marks of survival, maps to our newfound strength. 

Our commitment extends beyond symbolic gestures; it's a tangible outreach that flows from the heart of our brand into the veins of society. As we grow, our roots delve deeper into the commitment to wield our collective strength for the greater good. It begins with allocating a percent of every sale towards causes that resonate with our community—causes that are chosen by, run for, and dedicated to those who stand with us. It's a cyclical pledge, an ever-renewing promise that with every goal reached, another horizon is set. 

"Royal Tears" embodies the paradox of gentleness born from strife. It's the vow that, if need be, we'll face any oppressor, be it common cruelty or royal indifference, with unyielding resolve, until they're left with nothing but their remorse. Their tears will be a testament to our unwavering stand. 

For in our militant punk attire beats a heart—a heart that knows "no one will ever understand the violence I had to experience to be this gentle." With every garment, we represent a legacy and weave a future, one where understanding bridges divides, compassion triumphs, and the tears shed are not of suffering, but of joy in a world renewed. Join us, not just as patrons, but as guardians of this vision—for a world that understands the strength in gentleness, the power in unity, and the revolutionary love that drives us forward.